Wooden garden furniture. Three unconventional ideas

Wooden garden furniture is a must if you’re one of the lucky ones who have a garden around the house, because is the only way you can take advantage of the luck that you have.

Wooden garden furniture is necessary and useful and a large balcony and unconventional ideas reconcile goat and cabbage.

Is not expensive, are a way to recycle and give you satisfaction and work done with your hand …. with our help.
Garden furniture, wood, glass and fisherman thread
Enough talk, let’s get to the facts. I said wooden garden furniture and three unconventional ideas 3 ideas we have, the amendment I added that besides wood and fisherman thread, glass, imagination, a good carpenter and a grandmother who knows how to crochet.

Table tray. For this wooden garden furniture, in winter you can use in the living room, you need a good carpenter. If you a carpenter all the rest is child’s play and it remains to choose the right paint color.

The structure is simple. Is a support as the one on which you cut wood and over you put a wooden tray.
Apply on it two protective layers of paint and varnish in case it rains in the garden, but also because we want this beautiful garden furniture to last least a couple of summers.

Pallets and glass. Miracles that can make pallets, I said.
And here the principle is simple: Place feet and the surface is covered with a thick glass, which exceeds the table. Glass is the charm of this piece of wooden garden furniture. Glass protects the wood that can stand without problems even during the winter in your garden.

Princess swing. Here you need a skilled grandmother on knitting who will use fisherman floss. If grandma is not good at knitting you can use wooden sticks, a wooden, cloth, canvas and a seam stress. It’s a sweet idea for wooden garden furniture that will please everyone and especially princesses in your family.
Apply the sponge on the bottom of wooden slats, cover it in cloth and make double sews. You can suspend it on big tree branch.

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