That’s right. I said “Grow some Worms!” Sounds gross, sounds slimey, I know. But for any kind of Prepper, Homesteader, Survivalist or Gardner whether beginner or pro, worms are the way to go.
So technically, worm growing is called vermicomposting ~ a process that uses Red Worms to turn your kitchen scraps & organic materials into black gold aka nutrient-filled dirt aka work castings aka worm poop. Also worm tea aka the liquid that drains out, will make your plants grow better than any other fertilizer out there. And BONUS ~ it won’t burn your plants or flowers!

After learning all this, I decided to try my hand at it. But I wanted something cheap, fast and easy. Kinda my motto. I came across this DIY Worm Composter on Pinterest entitled ‘Cheap and Easy Worm Bin’ I knew it was meant to be!
Notice the upside down lid acting as a tray to catch the worm tea? Yeah, I opted for 3 bin’s instead of 2. My third bottom bin acts as the reserve for the worm tea, so I can’t slosh it all over me trying to pour it into a container, like just a lid would. Don’t get me wrong, I was excited to grow some worms. But not get their pee, I mean tea, all over me.

So, I set about gathering any old bins I could find lying around. I found 3 different ones, but I figured worms wouldn’t care if they matched or not. I took my handy dandy drill and followed the simple directions. Really it’s just drilling 1/4″ holes in the bottoms of all bins to allow for drainage and to let the worms crawl into the upper bins to eat. Plus putting some 1/16″ holes around the tops of the bins for air flow. Like I said cheap, fast & easy!
Not the prettiest thing in the world, but it’s a worm bin for goodness sake! The hardest part was waiting for the Red Wiggler Worms I ordered online to arrive. That only put me back about $20 for 1 pound of worms aka 1000 worms, which are the perfect size for a set up like this. So I guess it really takes longer than 20 minutes if you count delivery time. Once my worms came, I added some kitchen scraps, old cardboard and leaves, a little dirt for good measure, sprinkled on some water and my new worms felt right at home!
So there you have it. Grow some worms. Get rid of potato peels and old newspapers. Receive some black gold. Your garden will love you this year. DO NOT drink the worm tea!

BONUS ~ Put your kids to work this summer. They will love feeding the worms!

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