Vegetable plot for a small garden

If you have a piece of land in the yard or gardens in the country, you can have fresh vegetables. Certainly that piece of land that you’ve turned in the garden can be used successfully to plant and grow vegetables to enjoy throughout the year. To get the best results, you should keep in mind some advice.

♦ Most often, the seedlings are grown vegetables that require a longer period until harvest.
♦ The seedlings are obtained by the planting of seeds in special places called hotbeds that can make pots, boxes of wood or old vessels.
♦ Soil that you have to fill these containers is composed of manure and sand shelter.
♦ If don’t know where to get these “special ingredients” you can use it as it is.
♦ When you do seeding, make sure you spread the seeds evenly.
♦ After the seedlings reach optimum time, you must plant them in the garden.
♦ Usually, the activity can take place from mid-April.

Tomatoes require more light and the seedlings grow better if you plant the seeds from February to March.
♦ In May, the seedlings can be already moved in the garden. After planting, be careful not to sprinkle water directly to plants!
♦ Because they have a good support, you must support them with the help of poles.
♦ Watering is 6-7 days, especially in the morning, early summer, and night, in dead heat.

♦ Whether peppers, chili peppers or peppers, these are grown vegetables from the seedlings obtained from sowing in February and March in seedbeds.
♦ All The seedlings should be moved through the garden.
♦ Make sure the water used is not too cold.
♦ After watering, take a break. Only after two weeks you can use water.

♦ are great lovers of heat, light and water.
♦ Plant seedlings is done in early May.
♦ They should be watered once every four days, and harvesting is usually done in the morning on cool.
♦ planted at the end of March.
♦ Watering is normal, and at the end of August you can already harvest the bulbs, which should be left few days to dry in the sun.

♦ The seeds of this plant is sown directly in the garden, as ordered, spring through March.

♦ If you want to rise faster, remember to keep the seeds a few days in the water.
♦ After the plants are springs up in the ground, you must perform a thinning them so they remain at distance of 3 cm each.
♦ Obviously, planting and harvesting rules are the same if you want to see these vegetables growing in a balcony.
Do not plant cucumbers besides melons! Although they are part of the same family, these two plants do not get along.


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