Vegetable Garden Problem Solver

I am not a novice to organic gardening, but I have never focused on growing vegetables before. I bought this book thinking it would be a good reference book to get started. It is that and more.

The book is extremely easy to navigate; everything is arranged alphabetically. Under each vegetable there is a section on crop basics; site, soil, timing of planting, planting method, crucial care and harvesting. I was also very pleased and surprised to find information on growing each vegetable in containers, with the size of the container often mentioned. There is also sections for secret to success, regional notes, preventing problems and troubleshooting (diseases, pests, etc.)

If you are looking for a specific pest, these too are alphabetically arranged. There is a pest profile, pictures of the various stages, control methods and a control calendar. Under diseases, there is a description, crops at risk, etc.

The book also contains information on crop rotation, companion planting, composting and many other topics – all organized alphabetically.

I am sure that I will be using this book often during the growing season.

You can get the book from Amazon.
Vegetable Garden Problem Solver

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