How to use firewood as a garden décor

I will arouse many opinions, but firewood is not only the cleanest fuel, but also the detail with you can customize the court. If purchased from authorized sources, in cutting places, if paid at the right price, and people who worked to produce them do fledged, yes! Firewood are the cleanest source of fuel.

In addition, if you use a boiler performance, quality stoves and if your home is one isolated and well built, the calorific value of firewood will be used to the maximum.

Beyond the caloric details, wood is one of God’s gifts to men. Mankind maybe didn’t progress; man wouldn’t have reach where it is today if it wasn’t wood. Wood is one of the most used natural material and is part of our lives more than any other material. From the wood chopper from the kitchen to the table where you eat, the baby toys, to  the wooden spoon and window frames and doors of the house, wood is present everywhere.

In these conditions it is more than effective for firewood to be part of garden’s decor. It is ideal before being burned, wood should be thoroughly dried and wood supplies are made in summer for the  next winter. In this warm season is ideal to use firewood as decoration. Matter how you stack. You can place them around the house or on the fence or simply in you courtyard.

You must protect the woodpile rainwater with either paperboard or other waterproof materials. Counts stack is arranged to be stable and aesthetic. Do not put firewood in higher layers of a meter and a half, or two because it may collapse. A good trick is to make two rows to support one another. You can interleave planks or slats, for added support and appearance.

Remaining firewood can stay all summer around the house walls. They keep cool in the house!
Finally you can add decorative plants to firewood.

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