Top 7 secrets for a beautiful garden all year round

You can have a beautiful garden all year if you take into account these simple steps to follow strictly during the year, each season.
Apply treatments and fertilizers on time
Each type of plant has its specific needs in order to grow and survive in summer.

Many plants should be sprayed with different treatment substances, but it becomes difficult when a garden occupies more than a few square meters of land.

Keeps the soil loose
At least once a month, with a garden spade make sure you keep the soil loose. Plants need healthy soil and airy, especially during the summer when dry periods reinforce the soil and make it very brittle.

Buy the tools you need
As a chef needs specific tools for cooking, the gardener, whether amateur or professional, needs a whole series of tools to care for the garden. You must not deprive your garden from gloves, a wheelbarrow, a spade, a shovel, a rake and a hedge trimmer. If you always have the necessary tools available, you will feel more motivated to make your garden beautiful.

Water the plants every day

Most plants are formed from water in a ratio of 90%, so it is essential to properly hydrate. Water the plants every morning before the weather becomes warm because plants lose a small amount of water by evaporation.

Timely removes the weed
Weeds can become a nightmare for every amateur gardener. When they occur, get rid of them and wrest them from the root. However, it is unlikely not appear again in no time, especially since they are more resistant to dry weather in the summer than the plants they’ve grown in the garden. The best solution is to always remove weeds while they are small in order not to invade your entire green space.

Mulch It is very useful in your garden
Mulch is a good way to keep the soil healthy, to keep it moisture and provide a pleasant garden, but it is a very effective weapon against weeds.

Drunk the snails with beer
If the space around your house has been invaded by snails in the garden, we have a solution for you and we are sure that you didn’t know you can defeat them with beer. Fill a container with beer and leave it on the ground for a whole night. The snails will be attracted by the smell of beer and in the morning you find them in the respectively container. Give them beer every night until the problem disappears permanently.

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