Top 10 watering rules

To prevent your plants from drying during summer, you have to give them plenty of water. But how do you know how often to water them and how much water do they need? Do they need water from above or from below? Today we are going to talk you about some useful facts for watering your lovely garden.

  1. First rule is to keep evenly moist. Most plants depend of the soil moisture. A slightly drying before the watering is recommended, because promotes the root growth.
  2. The second rule is about thoroughly water. I know you have heard that watering once or twice a week is sufficient but I advise you to water them with plenty of water instead of watering them too often.
  3. The third rule is about the watering time. Water the soil on evening when the soil is cold and so less water will evaporate. In this way the plants can sufficiently supply themselves with water fo the next day.
  4. The forth rule is about the leaves. You have to keep the dry and cleaned of course. If they are wet they become diseased. Also you can notice that wet leaves on sun action develop burn marks and you don’t want that.
  5. The fifth rule is about the amount of water. A small amount of water will only moisten the upper ground layer and that won’t reach the root and the plant will eventually die. It is known that plants are dependent of a wet soil in their growth period: potatoes, carrots, etc.
  6. The irrigation water is the highest quality rainwater leaking gutter and is collected in a container properly because it is softened. Such minerals in the soil can be dissolved easily and in the right container can reach the proper temperature. In normal weather conditions the amount of rainwater fallen on the roof of a common family homes can reduce by 50% the expenses related to irrigation water. But in polluted cities the water recommended is the one after the first wave of rain that clean roofs.
  7. Soil moisture can be maintained by covering it with black plastic foil or foil white non-woven fabric. Applying a layer of organic compost can prevent water evaporation, but also could allow through holes applied, rainwater and air penetration into the soil. Under the black foil, the heating is more intense, which generally favor the development of vegetable and hear growth-dependent plants.
  8. In case of sprinkling the more susceptible plants require attention; they will only be sprayed with a water jet, only on the top position. Water jet arrived from strong side can remove fragile seedlings without root.
  9. Don’t use a strong jet of water, because the upper layer of soil will turn into mud, and the water will drain without reaching the root.
  10. Irrigation water temperature will be at least equivalent to soil temperature. Spraying with cold water can cause destruction of plants, especially during hot weather. Thus it is recommended early in the morning filling a container with water, which will heat up if it is exposed to solar heat. This way you eliminate harmful chlorine from plants. The power of the water jet can be reduced by applying a spray so water droplets reached on the surface of the plant can be “tempered”.
Top 10 Watering Rules

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