Tips to Select Garden Furniture

It’s time to pop out to buy garden furniture, if you’re one of those happy people who have a garden. Garden furniture is not a fad but the simplest solution to extends your living space outside the house. Basically about eight months a year, from March to October, garden furniture finds its usefulness and purpose.

Garden furniture must be functional, comfortable, practical, strength and beauty. To fulfill all these conditions it must be chosen carefully. The most common types of garden furniture are made of wrought iron, wood and rattan. Each one has advantages and disadvantages.
The most durable is the one made of wrought iron. You can easily recondition it by painting it in the color that you want. If you add pillows is very comfortable, it is correct and well done. A drawback is that it is heavy, very expensive and can sometimes be uncomfortable when it comes to storage.

Wooden garden furniture is most appreciated. Prices vary widely from one manufacturer to another, as the range and quality. The best solution, according to the principle that we are too poor to buy the bad things, is to invest in quality pieces that have a long life. Wooden garden furniture should be maintained, lacquered and possibly painted regularly and needs to be stored in live shelter during winter. There are pieces of wooden garden furniture that can cope with the winter, even if left outside. The idea of wooden garden furniture come the pieces made of logs. They are beautiful, strong and not that expensive, but I must be done with attention and care to remain beautiful.

Rattan is one of the most popular materials for outdoor furniture. Praised for strength and stability, but also looks good, and is popular due to the variety of designs and colors available. The less pleasant is the price.

Most types of rattan furniture are made of special braids, which can take the form of chairs, tables, chairs, beds, chests or sofas. Rattan garden furniture is often used to partially cover outdoor spaces such as porches and terraces, given that must be protected, insofar as possible from sunlight and rain. To survive a long time, wicker garden furniture should be cared for properly. Remember that moisture is the biggest enemy!

Last but not least garden furniture can be made of recycled materials. Tires, pallets and tree trunks are the most popular solutions, but to achieve functional furniture pieces of garden it requires skill, inspiration and a little effort. However is worth it.

Garden furniture pieces are completed with umbrellas, folding tables, a grill, and all together they can make from you backyard, patio or porch in a dream area, perfect for the whole family.

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