The correct position for houseplants

At first glance the correct position for houseplants does not seem to be a big problem. Place them where is the light and, in principle, should be enough. But the correct position of the house plants is essential if you want the plant to live a long life, but also because you enjoy it.

To choose the correct position for houseplants you have to consider several factors, including the most important, being light and temperature.
♦ Most houseplants often sit in the living room, but the plants can find their best place in the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom.
♦ If you have little natural light in the lobby, it can become a place for plants, if you know how to choose the right plants for this place.
♦ Not just the light matters when you choose the correct position for houseplants. Many plants do not bear drafts. But there are plants that prefer more shaken places? Among the plants that could be placed in areas where  are rafts are: agalonema Clive, ivy, Fatsia, Cissus, aspidistra, bride’s veil and tradescantria. Bride’s veil supports areas where air currents, but needs bright light. However it feels good in open terraces or balconies.

The living room is the most sheltered area of the house, if we look from the plant perspective. Here are proofed, light and heat. But it is possible that temperatures vary quite a lot within 24 hours. In these circumstances the best choices are: begonia, dieffenbachia, ficus, yucca, philodendron, rhododendron, dracaena or euphrobia. However the correct position for houseplants is easy to find in the living room.

Although most of the houses in our classic bathrooms without windows, there are some houses where the bathroom is totally changed. Choosing the right place for a plant in the bathroom has several advantages, such as high levels of humidity and temperature. However, when taking a shower or bath, temperature begins to oscillate and creates condensation and can cause occurrence of diseases. Plants that can be grown even in those places with a humid atmosphere are: Adiantum, Calathea, Cissus, ficus, Peperomia, philodendron, Cyperus. Alternifolius Cyperus is a plant that prefers shade and its roots must be kept in constant moisture so that the bathroom is a very suitable place.

Don’t exclude the bedroom when looking for the right position for houseplants. Windows are the best place, but not the only one. You can keep the bed, nightstand with an exotic flower pot easy to grow, as cyclamen, Parma violet, Chinese jasmine. Kitchen should not be forgotten when it comes to place selection and right position. Begonia, decorative nettles, ivy or Parma violet, feel perfect in the kitchen if they have light.

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