Sub Irrigated Planter


  • One water or soda bottle
  • One bottle cap or aluminum foil and rubberband to cover bottle opening
  • Wicking material (fabric interfacing or cotton string)
  • Planting medium (a soilless seed starter mixture)
  • Water
  1. Remove label from the bottle. Cut bottle 1 cm below shoulder.
  2. Poke or drill a 1 cm hole in bottle cap. Alternatively, rubberband several layers of aluminum foil across the opening and poke a hole in the foil.
  3. Thread a thoroughly wet wick strip through bottle top, invert top, and set into base. Wick should reach bottom of reservoir and thread loosely through cap (or aluminum foil). To be effective, the wick should run up into soil, not be plastered along a side of the bottle and not extend above the soil.
  4. Fill reservoir with water.
Sub Irrigated Planter
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