How to spring clean your garden

On spring, when the sun makes its appearance, it is suitable to start cleaning the garden.
Before you start cleaning it is best to wait until the soil is not so wet. If the snow has melted and cracked and their buds are brown, it is time to take care of spring clean.

The first task is related to the removal of compost and debris left over from the annual perennial plants.
If you left these plants in a vertical position last fall once the new plant appear you can begin to remove the winter coating.
Look around your garden and notice the dry and gray stems of perennials plants from last year then cut them to make room for new flowers.
If you have protected the winter garden with a coating layer composed of the leaf, to allow the soil to warm up more quickly, it is now time to discard those leaves on a compost heap.
Those leaves will turn into a rich dark fertilizer, that you will use in the fall or next spring.
Plants need food. A tonic that you can find at any specialty store they are healthy and have rich blooms in summer.
The best tonic is compost. Its nutritional substances are released in a slow manner, so as to provide a constant supply for plants.
Equally important to your garden is finishing edges layers.


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