Small water garden for you terrace or balcony

What could be better than relaxing in the murmur of your water garden or terrace or simply let your thoughts wander freely? A water element transforms the smallest garden into a paradise. And you must not always choose a pond! Water can be integrated in different ways: as a fountain nozzle water fountain or water bowls decorated with plants.

To create one, you need a container to hold water. Find suitable containers in garden centers. It is very easy to convert some plastic tanks, such as those for construction in water holders. However, to improve their appearance, they must be coated in something more beautiful, like a wooden ship. Ceramic containers are also suitable. But because these containers crack at low temperatures, in autumn they have to be emptied before the first frost.

The container must allow a water depth of at least 10 centimeters, which is the minimum depth for numerous aquatic plants that grow in marshy areas near lakes. Tanks wider at the top than at the bottom are suitable for the winter, because they allow the ice to expand upwards. Vigorous plants can withstand the winter outside in water. However, you can also replant and redecorate every time the season changes.

The best place for a small water garden is where it can receive about six hours of sun per day. A shadowy place is not suitable. If the tiny water garden is a little shady on midday on warm days less water will evaporate. Otherwise, you must always add water, rainwater ideally. Tap water is suitable if the pH is 6-6.5 (use a test kit to check). Water plants require suitable aquatic habitat. Find water loving plants in garden centers and nurseries. There are plants that grow especially in deep water areas or who prefer the pond, such as water lily. Others grow in shallow water (5-50 cm depth) or in swampy areas of the lakes. Check the information on the card plant or seek advice if you are unsure.

For pond plants, you need plastic containers large enough and permeable to water. First, fill a third of the container with washed gravel. Then place the plants and fill the rest of the container with gravel. Gravel holds plants in water and prevents soil to be washed by water. Place large stones or similar containers with plants in order to place them at the desired height. Then carefully fill the pond with water, stirring the soil gently and your tiny water garden is ready.

Small Water Garden For You Terrace Or Balcony

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