Small Vegetable Garden Plans to Consider

Small vegetable garden plans are needed by those who want to grow their favorite vegetables in their small garden. Having a vegetable garden is one of the ways to save money. Vegetable garden also make our house look more beautiful, natural, and fresh. We can grow tomatoes, cayenne pepper, pepper, leafy vegetables, carrots, peas, beans, etc. We don’t have to buy them anymore.

Probably vegetarians will not go to traditional markets anymore to buy vegetables. It is also possible to make a lot of money by growing vegetables in our garden. We can buy vegetables to our neighbors. Gardening is a kind of healthy activity that we can do with our loved ones. We can teach children to plant their food at the same time, so wherever they are they can survive. Are you thinking of making a small vegetable garden? Take a look at the ideas below.
Small vegetable garden plans:
1. Consider a small garden where you can place used containers for growing vegetables in it.
2. Consider a small garden with a smart spacing system.
3. Consider a vertical small garden.

After choosing the ideas you like, pay attention to the important things below before you make a small garden for growing your favorite vegetables.

Things to know before making a small garden for growing vegetables:

  1. Find the location of where you will grow vegetables. Make sure the location is sunny. Remember, vegetables need to be exposed directly under the sun light for about six hours.
  2. Buy qualified seeds of vegetables. The seeds are more expensive but the result will be pleasing.
  3. Select the best soil for your vegetables.
  4. Buy fertilizers and nutrition for your vegetables. Don’t forget to buy anti weeds mixtures as well.
  5. Pay attention to spacing system because every vegetable needs different space. Some need a lot of space, some don’t.

Remember, there are things that are not allowed to do when it comes to gardening. Otherwise, we won’t have the best crop we wish.
Common mistakes of gardening:
1. To plant all vegetables at the same time.
It is not allowed to plant vegetables at the same time. We don’t want to end up seeing birds eat up all the pea seeds or all the vegetables turn dried because of the weather. All you have to do is spread the seeds into your garden every three weeks. It is also good to prevent you from having a very abundant crop. We cannot eat them all. Except you have a plan to sell it. That also needs other things to do to make the crops sold out.

2. Not pay attention to spaces. If you don’t care about the spacing system then your small garden will be very overcrowd. Just plant all the seeds according to their direction shown on the packet of the seed. The producer will tell about spacing recommendation for sure.

3. Not paying attention to the bugs, insects, and other pests. Fine a way to get rid of them. Make your vegetable garden out of their attention. Like mixing the vegetables with flowers with beautiful and inviting scents so the bugs and other pests will not care to bother the vegetables.


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