Small garden shapes ideas

The idea of “living” in the garden is a hot topic. In this case, size does not matter. Even if you do not have too much space with a little bit of imagination and a sophisticated design create a delightful outdoor environment.

Geometric shapes and clear structures
Wondering how to turn a few square meters of garden into a real gem? General valid formula for a successful design the following one: create space and structure! Separating the surface space you have available, you can create a sense of space. The different areas visually distinct from each other, contribute to an interesting aspect and means that you do not notice all of a sudden everything your garden has to offer. Vertical features, such as hedgerows with empty spaces, plant arrangement in the form of checkerboard, pergolas festooned with vines and small ponds “interrupt” the visual rhythm, giving the impression of greater depth of space. Divide a small garden space in several squares like on a chessboard, to use the available space as best as possible. This creates structure and plans that provide different spaces for rest and play, or a setting for summer parties in the garden.

Increase the space feeling
No need to live without the terrace if you place your garden furniture in a corner, you can enjoy a diagonal view into the garden, making it appear larger. Buxus evergreen that you can tame through constant cut and tall and thin shrubs, such as yew, can delineate an ideal resting area and creating a sense of space in the garden. Flowers ‘colors also influence the  apparent size of the garden. A secret about creating flower beds is choosing blue and white tones. Blue is not just stylish but also has a cool effect, adding small size and narrow layers for flowers. If you combine shades of blue with white flowers, increase the contrast of light / dark, which enhances the sense of space. Naturally, a new garden design is always a matter of individual style. First, decide whether you want to create a romantic garden with a playful design, with clean lines or an architectural or Mediterranean one. After choosing the style, it is easier to choose materials for walkways, layers and flowers.

Small Garden Shapes Ideas

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