Small garden ideas and inspiration

For some homeowners an empty place is a daunting scene. Not so for Richard Prevost and Kevin Goodman, who created an elegant masterpiece of miniature garden, inspired by the French. And they did it alone without any help.
You will appreciate this garden terrace as an ingenious skilled product.

Instead of being in a neighborhood of suburban homes it could be on the roof of an apartment building or a French chateau. Design principles can be transferred easily and, above all, easy to put into practice.

How did these ambitious amateurs? First, they knew what they wanted and were realistic both in terms of talent and their limits. Kevin and Richard have also begun with meticulous planning and problem solving. They were convinced that the plan to create an outdoor living room and a garden shelter on a desolate place, unrestricted and minimal was feasible – although very hard.

Due to budget limitations it took two years to complete. In the first year, the summer of 2005, built a fence and raised layers. The fence was built to keep them on the two dogs safely and to create privacy. Richard was the designer and builder, Kevin’s work was easier: “I criticized him” says Kevin. “It had to be nice.”.

High layers were built to be sustainable and for their demolition you might need dynamite. The beads are made from pressed plywood 0.6 cm thick gratings. The interiors are lined with tiles of MAROP 2.5 cm thick and heavy plastic sheet, which minimizes the likelihood of the plants rot and well isolated. The growth medium consists of half sand and half of the manure covered with a layer of 7.5 to 10 cm of garden soil, thus guaranteeing an excellent drainage and fertility. They took 350 big bags of mixture to fill boxes.

Foliage grow over the brim of planting, creating a tropical atmosphere in this space. Even if plants predominate usual refinement is provided by plants Darmera peltata, purple Angelica (Angelica gigas) and Petasites japonicus “variegatus”. Without doubt, however, is the star garden giant Rhubarb (Gunnera manic) – a fierce aspect of plant leaves, absorbing the water to be moved in the garage during the winter wrapped in plastic and cloth. Among winter hardy plants that remain outside are Euonymus fortunei ‘Emerald Gaiety, (Matteucci struthiopteris) and clematita “The President”.

“The palette of green and purple tones of the garden is soothing for the eyes, too much white or bold colors can disturb the tranquility of the place,” says Kevin. Subtle shades of lavender are provided by various annual plants, such as sunflower Calibrachoa Million Bells and fan flower (Scaevola spp.).

The garden, which measures only about 40 m2, is beyond the double glass doors of the salon frequently used, so the idea of designing outdoor space as an extension of the inner sense. “I live in a French castle if I could” says Richard, who is a fan of Franco-European aesthetics. Indeed, the symmetry and the Gallic traditions are the backbone of the formalism the ornamental garden – but it is distinguished in a relaxed atmosphere. “Our outer space must be formal, yet relaxed, comfortable and tempting. And must be provided: should make you say wow! “Adds Kevin. In reality, the garden focus is a small lake one meter square, also built in the first year of Richard, with an imposing fountain goddess shaped, rising from it.

Putting tiles was the most difficult aspect of the project. The soil was dug to a depth of 15 cm, removed and replaced with an equal volume of crushed stone to ensure drainage. Then they were placed meticulously rectangular slabs of concrete; Richard rented a concrete saw to cut large pieces. Undoubtedly, refined air of the garden is given of elegant stones. And in practical terms, no one (even dogs) do not land in the house. The pavement is also easy to clean. The water used for washing drains through a 3 cm deep trench that surrounds the perimeter (masked by planting boxes).

But if you visit after sunset you can assert that sophisticated air it is essential given by the effect of illumination used. Lighting was Kevin’s job. Once purchased pipes and switches appropriate to install more than three dozen sources of light: the lake, reflectors and electrical devices that resemble candles. Also, from hidden stereo speakers music flow softly into the night. And everything is controlled with the remote control.

This new living / outer beauty is at the same time, a solitary meditation and parties. “Creating this peaceful retreat is a dream come true, our little vacation spot in the middle of the suburbs,” says Kevin. It sure would not change anything, so they felt satisfied when a friend who travels all over the world said: “Visiting this place for dinner and a drink helps me to save money for a ticket to Cote d’Azur “.

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