Remove weeds using newspapers

Gardeners who are advocates of organic methods often wonder how to remove grass without using herbicide – and without excessive work! Well, there’s an easy and natural way that can be implemented before making seedbed for plants that involves using newspapers to smother grass.

1. Cutting grass
Why is mowing classified as optional? The reason is that the natural way to remove weeds I’ll talk about further destroy both tall grass and on the brief. So why bother mowing? It will be easier this put newspaper over the short grass.

2. Stretching newspapers
To remove natural grass using this method, it is important to remember two things while newspapers spread over it:
Layer must be thick newspapers about 10 sheets.
Overlap on the edges each pile of newspapers with adjacent stacks in both directions.
I compare this with the settlement of shingle roof, except that the overlapping will occur in both directions. By “both directions” I mean both north-south and east-west. (Not that it matters orientation, but the best way to explain).
When I first started this project, I found that I wasted too much time opening and counting paper sheets but as I progressed I developed a faster method even less accurate. So I learned how many sheets are in a section (sports, for example), then I started to sit sections down, unopened. That meant placing more “shingles” individual (to go back to that analogy) but rushed process.

Note: Although newspapers splashing with water (to prevent them from being moved by the wind) might seem like a good idea, we found that their watering makes them work harder (it broke too easily).
3. Mulch placing over newspaper
Since applying mulch I discovered a better way to prevent newspapers being blown is to keep on hand a bucket of mulch for a small amount of it can be applied immediately if necessary. When finished, spread newspapers, spread a layer of mulch (10-15 cm) evenly over the newspapers, pressing them well. When finished, you can wet over the whole area, compacting mulch.
You just need to wait (several months) for newspapers to kill grass and compost. Grass, newspapers and compost will decompose eventually, adding soil nutrients. In addition, in this way you recycle newspapers.

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