Regrow Green Onions

Growing your own food is a staple when it comes to Homesteading. I think most of us addicted to Pinterest have seen posts just like this one ~ how to regrow food from, what seems to be, scraps. Although I will stand up proudly and say “My name is Marcy and I’m addicted to Pinterest!” I am also a skeptic. I’ve had my share of Pinterest FAILS but this friends is NOT one of them!

I have plans to try the other regrowable foods out there like celery, pineapple, romaine lettuce and more so stay tuned for those. This one is probably one of the easiest out there, because you don’t actually plant it. You regrow the onions in a jar filled with water! HA! I like to use the cute little Mason Jars that I save, clean and reuse for different projects for my onions.

Ok, back to the onions. You know the white ends you normally throw away, when you chop up green onions? Don’t throw them away! That’s where the magic happens.

If you start with just a few, bundle them up and wrap a rubber band around them before placing them into your jar. If you have a whole bunch you can probably skip this step. Bundling them keeps the onions bottoms from falling over into the water.

You want the top part sticking above the water line so, just fill your jar up about half way with water. Then simply place your onions in a sunny spot. I use the ledge behind my kitchen sink. It get’s beautiful afternoon sun!

Now you just have to wait. But not too long! Here are the onions after only 3 days.

And my onions at one week! Only 7 days, can you believe it?!!

They are so tall the tops are making friends with my Aloe plant! You’ll notice some new onion bottoms I cut off that I popped in the jar too. Those have been growing only about a day when I took this picture.

That’s it ~ simple! Every 5-7 days you will want to change the water and even rinse the bottom of the onions off. I like to rub those amazing little onion bottoms while I’m rinsing them too just to keep them nice and clean. So, next time when a recipe calls for green onions, or even chives, simply take a pair of kitchen shears and cut off what you need.  They’ll still keep growing!

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