Recommended spring flowers for your garden

If we want a cheerful, colorful and fragrant garden from spring until late autumn, it might be time to think and decide what flowers we should plant in the near future. Obviously, after finishing spring clean. The offer is very rich, so we have a choice.

Spring flowers grown by planting the bulbs
This category includes tulip, gladiolus, hyacinth, freesia, begonia and others, known and loved flowers, which shows a wide range of colors, gently or strongly scented. To enjoy it is necessary to have some information on how to planting the bulbs.
We use bulbs in our garden, the flowers last until fall if we keep it in optimal conditions, dry, cool and dark. Otherwise, in stores we find everything what we want, condition is check it careful not to be dehydrated.

How to prepare the ground for planting bulbs
We begin by digging the soil, crumble and raking the ground level. Then you should make depths of 15-20 cm, depending on the size of the bulbs. After planting you have to compact the soil and then water. No more wet until the first leaves.

Spring flowers grown from seed
Stone flowers are small sized but are resistant even in arid soils and are wonderfully colored from white to dozens of shades of red, pink and yellow. Bloom to early fall and seem well suited to the decoration of narrow alleys. Richer flowering require watering in dry periods.
Lavender or lavender, to fashion a while, has reason to be appreciated. It can reach a height of 1 meter, but if pruning after flowering period  you can give various shapes. I find it appropriate even for a hedge that can give a colored shape to concrete alleys. It is important to choose plants in sunny places, because lavender loves light. Purple gold, as it is called, is an herb grown not only for its beauty but also for the qualities that are present in the cosmetic industry and pharmacy.
Dianthus garden are dark purple or white and bloom until about winter. Their bloom is less well known than the flower of carnation flower, but it is very perfumed. We cultivate seeds in hotbeds right now, in February, and after the seedlings appear when the weather gets warmer, late March, early May, then you can transplant it in the garden.
Dwarf mallow decorates our garden with abundant white flowers in shades of pink or red. Prefer cool, moist areas, but strong, resisting and sunny places. We cultivate the seeds directly in the garden in May, but if we want to have flowers in pots must be sown earlier in April after you transplant the plants.
The seeds for the flowers, but also many others that can be planted in spring in the garden can be found in stores. It happens often that the seeds have fallen on the ground from dried flowers to give birth next year to other plants.

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