The most profitable crops to invest in

Major manufacturers certainly go with the plantations of cereals, oilseed rape, sunflowers or potatoes cultivated on large areas. Meanwhile, it began to appear small farmers, who make quite profits from crops on small areas. Depending on what you plant a hectare can bring tens of thousands of euros annually, and small investments can be depreciated shortly.

Corn grows relatively easy and one hectare can bring a production of 15 tons. Most, for example, is over 19 tons / ha at a price of 150 euros per ton, it can easily get a profit of 2,000 euros from a single harvest.
Corn care requires attention from two points of view. First, the plant is sensitive to drought and many farmers saw their crops scorched by heat or drought during rainless summers. Therefore, if you want to cultivate a large area, you’ll need a performant irrigation system. But it is not affordable for many farmers: large areas, can cost tens or even hundreds of thousands of euros.
On the other hand, corn can be affected by weeds, diseases and pests at all stages of vegetation. For weed control, use a herbicide like this to keep quality and quantities production to obtain satisfactory harvest.

Kale, also called “Queen of Herbs” is one of the healthiest vegetables and is in great demand among dieters or those want to feed themselves correctly, because it’s almost miraculous. The price of a kilogram of cabbage kale is quite expensive, while a hectare can offer an average of 6 to 10 tons, so the profits of the farmer for one hectare can reach up to 20,000 euros. Kale cabbage are planted in the spring, temperatures up to 23-24 degrees Celsius, and needs 3 months to develop, but requires careful management. Therefore, any farmer uses herbicides to control weeds that compete with crop plants for nutrients. And to get the maximum  price per kilogram, the plant should look its best and be healthy.
The soil good for kale is a nutrient-rich black soil, drained with a neutral pH greater than 5.5 but not more than 6.8. Also, it is recommended to use a fertilizer  to the area and to keep away as much as possible, direct sunlight on the plants, not  to dry them. Investing for a culture of kale does not exceed 10,000 euros, an amount that can be written off in early years.

Goji is considered “fruit of eternal youth” are plants resistant, easy to maintain, versatile, adapts to hot periods, and in the winters, making them suitable even for novice farmers. Establishing a culture of goji bushes require a maximum investment of $ 10,000 per hectare, but can significantly decrease costs, up to 5,000 euros when planting is done in spring.
For one hectare you need around 3,500 plants, with an average cost of about 1,5$ / piece. To these costs you should add and the preparation of the land which should be plowed in advance and also the irrigation must be consistent. One kilogram of goji is 10$, so that profits can be achieved from beautiful cultivation of this plant. Should you know that the highest yield is obtained only in the fifth year of cultivation, even when profits exceed 20,000 euros / hectare, if you carefully look after the plants.

Lavender is one of the most profitable crops and is an ideal plant for the climate in Romania, which is why even get good money in production on a small surface. The plant is not pretentious, supports high temperatures, but also the low ones and has a high immunity against many diseases, so it is recommended for novice farmers without much experience in growing plants. But the main concern is weed control. Allowed to grow, they can choke cuttings of lavender.
Lavender is best plant in autumn and first harvest is done in the next summer (June-July). If  it is grown in optimum conditions, it may be a second crop in the autumn, and production can be valued for both fresh and-dried herbs.
Setting up a hectare of lavender costs between 8,000 and 9,000 euros, an amount that may be add costs for agricultural works and treatments, and the annual income per hectare is around 5000-6000 euros. If you manage to conclude a contract with a processor lavender, good results can come after two or three years.

A lavender kilogram sells for 4$, the plant is used for therapeutic purposes, for the manufacture of cosmetics, aromatic oils, it is used in cooking, for dessert, but also for aesthetics, in carrying bouquets of flowers. In recent years, the culture of lavender was developed more, the plant is in high demand, so that producers are able to get a very good price.
If you have a hectare of land and do not know how to use these cultures you can make some extra money and, depending on the time and care that you provide to plants, they can become your main source of income. But research thoroughly before starting to see if you have the opportunity to conclude favorable contracts with customers, vendors and factories. Take into account the large investment of both time and financial you will do in the early years and hit the road well- informed.

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