Preventing and Fixing Droopy Cut Hydrangeas

When I was about 5 I discovered a small hydrangea plant tucked away in the garden. The little shrub had a huge bunch blue of flowers in full bloom! I really don’t know where that little plant came from, so we’ll call it magic! To me white bunches of hydrangeas are perfect for Christmas, they add so much festivity without much of any effort, but they do take a little bit of special care to prevent them from becoming droopy overnight!


  • Hydrangeas
  • Sharp scissors
  • Kettle (optional but makes this and other projects oh, so easy)
  • Heatproof disposable cup

Boil water in your kettle and carefully pour into a heatproof cup. Give your hydrangeas a fresh cut. Dip the freshly cut end of the hydrangea into the hot water for 40 seconds. Place your hydrangeas into room temperature water and enjoy!

It’s best to follow this process once you bring your hydrangeas home – if you bring your hydrangeas home and they become droopy, you can follow this process and many times they will come back…as long as the flower petals are still soft. If the petals have become the least bit crunchy, they are too far gone.

That’s it! You can save yourself lots of frustration and money with this very simple technique!

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