Plants that thrive in your bathroom

After talking about plants that do well in the kitchen and the bedroom, now is time to learn about plants that thrive in your bathroom. The bathroom is a warm and moist environment, unfavorable for most houseplants, but for some plants, the bathroom seems to be the ideal place.

There are some plants that do well in the bathroom, although the space is small and often with very little light. However to be able to grow these plants need natural light bathroom.
Spathiphyllum. It is bushy and impresses with its long leaves, lance shaped, bright green. The flowers are creamy white and very elegant. Likes semidarkness and needs abundant moisture in both the soil and the atmosphere. Spathiphyllum needs made of her one of those plants that thrive in the bathroom.
Column. This is one of those who were made to feel comfortable in the bathroom. Column loves warm places, wet and free from drafts. The optimum temperature for this plant is always green is 12 to 15 degrees Celsius.
Caladium is another example of a series of plants that do well in the bathroom. Native to South America, can reach 20-40 centimeters tall. Has marbled leaves and cannot stand the sun at all, but loves moisture and warm air.
Other herbal bath are: Aloe Vera, bamboo, begonias, ficus dwarf, and fern and some species of cactus. The latter will be cared for carefully watered frequently because they will get the water they need from moist air from the bathroom.
All these plants that do well in the bathroom can be placed in multiple locations, ideal spots being there were they enjoy the light. You can hang or you can sit at ground level. Another good place is the bathroom windowsill plants and the inner edge of the bathtub. Hope you find it helpful!


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