Planting a vegetable garden in pots

Before you begin figure out the best placement for your garden, observe your yard at different times throughout the day: The ideal location gets at least six hours of sunlight. Nearly all vegetables will grow better in full sunlight than in shade, but some crops (lettuces, mustard greens) can tolerate more shade than others (onions, tomatoes).

How To :

  • Step 1 : Fill the pot with 2 inches of potting soil. Place one uncracked raw egg in the pot — as it decomposes, it will serve as a natural fertilizer — and cover with soil.
  • Step 2 : Using a screwdriver, to create five to six holes that are 1 inch deep. a good rule of thumb is to expect one plant to grow per every five fresh seeds planted.
  • Step 3 : Drop one or two seeds in each hole, then cover with a thin layer of potting soil.
  • Step 4 : After planting, make sure to keep the soil moist (not wet) to the touch. Push your index finger into the soil about an inch. If it’s dry, water the soil itself (rather than the leaves, because wet leaves encourage plant diseases).
  • Step 5 : Add fertilizer to the plants every two to three weeks, according to package directions.
Planting-a-vegetable-garden-in- pots

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