Planting a Strawberry Jar – How to Properly Keep Even Moisture for Greatest Yield

Planting a strawberry jar, although challenging, can be a great project for a container gardener. It isn’t just the planting that’s the challenge, but because of the shape and pockets of a strawberry jar, keeping all the plants healthy and producing is a skill in itself.

There’s something about the shape of a strawberry jar that draws people to admire a strawberry jar planting. There are special techniques to planting and caring for a strawberry jar container.

The pockets on the sides make it difficult to keep those plants moist without rotting out the main planting. Keeping the soil evenly moist is most important in a strawberry jar planting.

Before you start, make sure your pot is clean and sterilized. If your containers need cleaning, you can remove crusted mineral salts by soaking them in a water bath for several days. Scrub off the salts, and sterilize them by soaking in a bleach solution of 10 parts water to 1 part bleach for 15 minutes. If your pot is made of terra cotta, don’t leave it soaking in bleach.

Be sure there are drainage holes in the bottom of your pot. Cover the hole with screening or a coffee filter to keep dirt from washing out from the bottom.

Use a moist potting soil suitable for containers or a soiless mixture. Be sure the soil is moist as you are planting. Fill container to the bottom of the first pocket level. Insert your plant into the pocket. If you find your root ball is too large, try inserting it from inside out. Wrap the leaves in plastic wrap or use a ziploc sandwich bag to cover the plant before putting it through the pocket hole. This will help prevent damage to the plant foliage. Gently pack the roots into the moist soil.

One plant per pocket is all you should use. Even if you think the plants look a little small and out of place, they will fill out quickly. Once all the first level pockets are planted, continue in the same manner until all the pockets are planted. Then it’s time to plant the main planting in the top of the strawberry jar. Follow the instructions in the video to be sure the PVC pipe is visible and accessible for watering.

Once you have finished planting a strawberry jar, water thoroughly as shown in the video and place it in the sun for all to enjoy.

Just remember, a strawberry jar is not limited to strawberry planting. Herbs, flowers, and foliage plants can all be planted in this type of container and thrive very well. You may find that this strawberry jar container is one of the most oohed and ahhed over plantings in your container garden.

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