Orchids in apartment

Raising orchids in home conditions require a lot of commitment and attention. This occupation is not for the lazy, because it requires special care.

Orchids are epiphytic plants. In nature, orchids grow on other plants, usually on trees, so it is not like other flowers planted in the ground, but in a special substrate mixture can be purchased ready-made or can be prepared and unaided. For example can be taken a piece of dried bark of the tree (eg. Pine) and boil well. After 2-3 days dry boil again. This will destroy all harmful insects. Bark is cut pieces measuring about 2 cm and mix with muscles “sphagnum” dry grinding.

Pot which should be mandatory plastic preferably to be white or transparent. This will protect roots from overheating in the sun. In clay pot orchid roots will accretion on the walls of the pot and it will flower considerable trauma when moving into another pot (moved once in three years).

The pot must be really boring to allow effective ventilation and removal of excess water, which shows a main condition for healthy orchid. Orchid wet with warm water once every 2-3 days in summer, in winter 1-2 times a week and only when the substrate is dry. Every morning orchid have splashed / sprayed with warm water. Some amateur orchid flowers organizes these “hot bath” taking them for a few minutes in the shower with warm water with a temperature of about 40 degrees. After this bath was allowed to cool and drain water and absorbs water from the top of the plant with a dry towel.

Caution: Excess moisture can cause root rot.

Orchids also need fertilizer. There are special orchids are fertilized once a week during the flowering period and once a month the other time.

Although the orchid is a light loving plant still be protected from the sun. Therefore it is recommended to be held at the east or west window. If this is not possible then require an additional source of light. Orchids love the warmth and the optimal temperature maintenance is 20-25 degrees.

Orchids bloom at the age of 1.5-2.5 years. Sometimes it gets boring to care for this flower, because it seems that it will not flourish. One can try to speed flowering orchid challenge. Can be kept up all night at a temperature of 18 degrees and put hot morning. It can also stimulate flowering begins watering lower.

Orchids in apartment

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