One Week Chicken Feeder

I do a lot of traveling, and when I leave, I don’t want to have to worry about my chickens starving to death. My old, store-bought feeder only held enough chow for about 4 days, so I decided to expand. In hindsight, I should have started off with this feeder, because it is much bigger, and cheaper to boot!

The design is pretty simple. It is basically a hacked up pot drip-tray nailed to a trashcan. A hole is then cut in the can so the food can flow into the tray. As the chickens eat the food from the tray, it makes space for more food to flow out. At max capacity, this thing could hold weeks of food!

The only problem is that food is only drawn from the front. This can result in there being plenty of food left in the feeder, but your chickens won;t be able to get to it. To remedy this, I am going to either install a slope in the bottom of the can to divert the food towards the hole, or maybe just make another tray opposite this one.

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