How to mow your lawn properly

The secret is humid climate and regular maintenance.
It’s something that should be known from the beginning: you won’t have a beautiful lawn if you do not dedicate some of your spare time. Just as it is important to do house cleaning is essential to maintain your lawn. Lawnmowers have become sufficiently powerful and this activity is not a chore but a pleasure.

Regarding watering systems and automatic sprinklers, they are really affordable and will allow two things: providing much needed moisture for a beautiful lawn, and significant water savings compared to a so-called “classic” watering.

Mowing frequency and regularity depends directly on the lawn you’ve planted.
Mowing frequency depends on the mixture of lawn that you have used.
Starting February.
First mow of the year depends on region and climate. At the beginning of the year, the grass is greasy and wet and often causes clogging. On fall, mow as long as grass grows. It may take until November.

The finest lawns are mowed often. On a golf course mowing is done twice a day!Without doing so, you must mow at least once a week to get the density and appearance of a green carpet.
Depending on the season, change the frequency.
On spring when growth is important, 3 mows every two weeks may be necessary and useful. In midsummer, however, mowing two weeks is sufficient.
Autumn is still a period of growth so will require weekly mowing. In all cases, don’t wait too long.
To make fast and effective, do not mow anyway. A few simple rules turn this chore into a pleasure. Avoid mowing the lawn always in the same direction. In this way the land will not settle in your footsteps and you won’t leave traces.
Adjust the 4 wheels of the car lawn at the same height. So that knife to cut horizontally.
Trace the edges first, then start mowing roundtrip trying to recut the earlier edges, so as not to remain “clumps” of uncut grass.
The ideal height.
For a rustic lawn, the average is 3-5 cm 5-7 cm spring and summer. As soon as  the period of drought starts, adjust the cutting height above.
Autumn, you can descend “guard” before the coming winter. Again, adjust the height equally on four wheels to have a horizontal cutting.

How To Mow Your Lawn Properly

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