Milk jug upside down tomato planters

Supplies Needed: Potting Soil,  Wire Coat Hanger and 1 Plastic Gallon Milk Jug

Tools Needed: Wire Snips, Hole Punch, Knife to cut the plastic
1. Cut the bottom of the milk jug.
2. Punch a hole in each side and thread your hanger ends through and twist them up.
3. Start adding your potting soil.
4. Push the roots gently through the neck of the container and pack dirt around them from the other end.
5. Hang the milk jug somewhere out of the wind but with as much sun as possible.
6. Keep it watered almost daily because it will dry out quickly.
Milk jug upside down tomato planters2

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  1. Sharon says

    A small piece of foam around the stem of the plant will help keep the dirt in and the plant secure. This works with pepper plants as well.

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