Milk Jug Plant Labels

Here’s what you will need:

Empty, cleaned plastic milk jugs
Heavy duty scissors
A water proof marker

I use the long sides of the milk jug and cut as much of the flatness as I can get. Usually, a sharp knife will start the cutting process, and the heavy duty scissors take over from there.

Here is where your imagination comes in. As you can see below, I made a simple ‘exclamation mark’ cut for my markers, but they can take any shape you’d like, from squared to T shaped. They could be little clouds or balloons! More fun shapes equals more fun for you and the kids!

All you have to do now is write on them! I have found that Sharpie markers work well for me because we use a mister bottle to moisten the soil, but I have found that crayons work, too! When you want to reuse the markers for next year, a little isopropyl alcohol will help remove most of the writing.

All that’s left is sticking them in their little pots!

Cutting your markers tall enough will allow you to elevate the plastic wrap, making a greenhouse for your seedlings, and the near-transparency of the marker allows more sun to get through.

Milk Jug Plant Labels
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