Metal Garden Border Edging

The simplest and most subtle borders that effectively separate your lawn from a garden are 4-in.deep strips of steel, aluminum or plastic. They all bend easily into smooth, graceful curves and stop the spread of grass roots. However, painted aluminum and steel offer the sleekest, most refined look because they almost disappear against the grass and garden bed. The plastic types have a prominent black bulge along the top edge. All work best on fairly even terrain; if you have a lot of dips and rises, it’s easier to install a paver border.

How to :

  • Cut a narrow, 4-in. deep trench with one vertical side along the lawn edge.
  • Snap together the 8-ft. border sections, drop the edging into the trench and lay it against the vertical edge. Cut the final section to length with a hacksaw.
  • Drive stakes to set the depth at about 1/2 in. above the soil level of the lawn. If the edging drops too low, pry it up with the tip of your shovel.
  • Backfill with soil from the garden bed and compress it firmly. Leave room on top for mulch.

metal garden edging

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