May – ideal month for planting shrubs

April and may is the ideal month for planting shrubs but when you actually start these operations it crucially depends on the temperature and how mild the winter was. It also matters if it is an early spring, so that the period for planting of bushes depends on the average temperature of soil moisture and temperature.

You know you can plant the shrubs if the temperature does not drop of 2-3 degrees at night and at day reaches 10 degrees Celsius. This is the main condition for planting shrubs or decorative flowers, in order to have a beautiful garden.

On planting shrubs pick those flowering shrubs who last long or those with leaf evergreen or between blackberry, raspberry, blueberry, seabuckthorn agris bilberries or elderberries.
Basically every species has a number of specific rules pertaining to the fullest extent of details on soil quality, and need – more or less sun and light, but beyond these principles to be respected for planting shrubs on spring are about the same.

For the joy and pleasure to value the land around the house, you should have plants, trees and shrubs, different. Whether you choose shrubs, whether you choose those trees, it is important to choose varieties and species adapted to the climate and soil. The latter quality is essential and first condition is that you have to keep in mind when you choose shrubs.
For example raspberry and blackberry are two species highly adaptable to all conditions and pleased to be on the fence in the backyard bushes raspberry, blackberry, currant and others unparalleled. These plants are hardy and can be grown along fences and paths and even compact culture in private gardens, producing fresh fruit throughout the summer until October.
It is important to say that planting shrubs doesn’t require any special conditions, the only thing essential is to plant shrubs before entering the growing season.

Most of the fruit trees have incredibly rich harvests, most having even two or three waves of fruit during their fruition. Anyway, shrubs trees will produce more fruit than you expect.

For spring planting shrubs choose well-lit places. All they need is sun, but it supports very well also semidarkness places. They need water, because all love moisture, but cannot stand water stagnation. After planting, it should be watered abundantly, watering being necessary even in the period where flowers turn into fruit.
If you decided to plant fruit trees choose the varieties most resistant and productive. Plant shrubs at depth of 30-50 centimeters, 50 centimeters away from each other.

Ornamental shrubs are much less demanding, more resistant and prolific. Even so need fertilizer at least once a year, need water and sun. What must be said is that shrubs decor does not support a ground where water is stagnant as it does not support any soil that does not drain the water, well. It is good that on their plantation to mix the soil with one part of sand and gravel chopped to assist in proper drainage, especially if they are planted in lowlands in the garden.


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