Mason Jar Herb Garden

When I found this amazing project on Pinterest I knew this was one for me. At the time I was creating some other projects for an upcoming Craft Faire and thought these would fit right in. First I gathered up some old barn wood, the scrappier the better. I also pulled out several styles of Mason Jars to see what I liked best. I did have to purchase some stainless steelhose clamps from the local hardware store for about $1.85 each. There are also pretty copper clamps… but for a pretty penny or two more!

After I decided which jars I wanted to use I arranged them onto the wood to decide the placement. If you are going to hang your planters add a heavy duty claw hanger to the back. Next I screwed the hose clamp to the board.
Next simply slide your jars into the clamp and tighten down the bolt on the clamp to secure your jar. Be careful not to tighten it too much as you might crack your jar. I speak from experience. You’ll hear the jar crack. It’s a sad sad moment.

On a few of my boards I also decided to add a strip of Chalk Paint so I could write what I planted.

Now it’s time to plant them! Either purchase some herbs from the store or start your seeds right in the jars. I added a bit of rock at the bottom first to help with drainage.

When your herbs get too big grab a butter knife and run it around the inside of your jar to loosen the soil and roots. Transplant and start over! These also work great as a simple cut-flower showcase.

And there you have it! Your very own custom Mason Jar Herb Garden! Grab your stash of jars, find a scrap piece of wood, save some potting soil and for under $15 dollars you can purchase a few hose clamps and seeds or plants. Great for indoors or outside.

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