How to make a connection between the garden and the house

The garden is an integral part of our home. Just like any room in the house we arrange it, or rest in it. Garden is not only a narrower space that surrounds the building, there is no unifier of but an organic extension of the house. Garden and the building are a whole and complementing each other such functions round out our home.

The interior spaces of the house and the external space of the garden depends on how they are designed and thus give our environment utility, convenience and beauty.
The transition from house to garden
During realization, usually building priority and only after we moved, garden attach them with more or less success. Contact garden is, most often through a gate in the backyard or possibly by a terrace that you as a way of designing, building itself rather than the garden.
Thus, we lose the element that could establish the link between building and garden space that would create the impression of unity and not two adjacent elements, “foreign” between them.

The design of the garden
Since the designing stage of construction we should concern about how the garden will be arranged because there will always be a living space. The building and the garden have to think as a whole, and their design should be so also not separately.

We could arrange a direct connection between the two, for example, garden and living room. Likewise, guest room or hallway can be linked garden or possibly a smaller patio can form an unmediated way, to places inside the house.
Contact house with garden is through the garage or other household annexes. For storing tools rooms or those that you set up a workshop, you can make a separate entrance in the garden.

Garden a wonderful space to relax
For a higher return on functionality, we can use the garden as a space  to relax or for meeting, when we have a larger number of guests, either outdoors or arranging a gazebo or simply under a large summer umbrella. The playground is well equipped to be somewhere on the building itself but can be easily supervised children’s activities.

Aesthetic landscape for garden and house
Taking into account these suggestions and needs of those who will use that you can start to design the garden and building.
Between inner and outer space must be established a relation that does not affect any part of the two. Exterior should be viewed from the inside without being disturbed by any obstacle. If the garden can be seen only through a narrow rectangular small window then it blocks your view. Even with binoculars, you can see only fragments of landscape, and if you want to look at space in all its splendor, you can do it with the naked eye.
If we remove the wall from the garden or replace it with a glass wall from floor to ceiling, outside binds organically with the interior and thus living areas widens gaining ground for freedom, for opening, disappearing boundary between interior and exterior. So even if you stay home, you have almost a part of the garden outside.

What should you use the arrange the garden perfectly?
The process of combining more pleasant building with garden it really solve when materials used inside the building are found outside the garden, possibly in other forms of (for example, stones processed toughest in the garden can be used and space inside).
Elements of building construction can continue in outer space, the garden, interest and other functions. There must focus in particular on exposure plants. They can be placed here and there in the interior space and therefore bring something of the beauty outside, creating good mood, calm and quiet.
It is recommended to avoid any form discrepancy between the appearance of the garden, outdoor space and housing itself, the space inside where you live. It has the level indicated so that the garden and house to be at the same height, so to walk from the house in the garden just as we walk from one room to another. A difference between building and garden of 30-40 centimeters, however, is insignificant, and admits not being a dividing line between the two.

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