Lovely Pathway ideas for a well-organized garden

In one way or another, you have to cross the garden. The trails are easily recognizable are crossed paths. So today we talk about interesting paths or pavements. The first question is, where to build paths in the garden?

We can divide the garden on aesthetic principles, for example we design symmetrical alleys or other showy shapes.

But if we would like to also walk the paths, it is advisable to first seek existing roads (which are easily recognized by trampled grass or broken bushes).
If we drew up guidelines, we can start work.
The alleys are very important elements in the garden, giving character and personality to our garden. Fitting paths involve more refinement and taste of the owner.

Wooden pathways

Logs of wood give a natural look particularly like the wooden boards used for alleys paving. Getting them is not so difficult. The logs that can be cut circular, horizontal, or hexagonal shape, is placed on a substrate sand, very tight, once piece next to another and are washed with sand and water several times, sequentially. The height of log sheets obtained is between 10-15 cm.
In trade can also find paving slabs made of natural wood. It is a more expensive solution but boards are best looking, more durable and more uniform.
These are treated specially by impregnate the high temperature and pressure, the substances that make them durable and avoid them from damage caused by pests and degradation due to weathering. It is not negligible retardant effect of the substances with which they are impregnated. Round plate as lower bits can be harmoniously combined.
We can build walkways also from sleepers; their drawback is, however, that during rains, you slip easily on them.

Most important steps to follow:
To fix the exact route alleys and dig up about 25 cm deep.
Instead of soil removal for the penetration of water into the soil, put a layer of gravel on top of which follows an approximately 5 -10 cm layer of sand.
Surface the sand using a board. Mark the edges of walkways dropping planks that we should remove.
Fix wooden boards very closely side by side in such a way that the remaining space between them to be as small as possible. With great skill, we are trying to combine the tiles of different sizes. With a leveler, sit boards horizontally and with a rubber mallet, fit them in such a way that the entire surface is the base layer.
The spaces left between tiles paving, fill them with sand, using a broom usual clean excess sand plates.
Nozzle with a compressor – if you have – the driveway and lay another layer of sand, then wash thoroughly with water.
Proceed the same and if you think to arrange concrete or stone alleys. And if you opt for these materials is extremely important to prepare well substrate and, finally, to ram very well liked. And also here, to fill the vacant spaces between tiles, you can use sand.

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