Locating Your Container Garden – Site Location is All Important for a Successful Garden Plan

When locating your container garden, you are restricted by only 2 things, your available space and your imagination. So carefully evaluate your property. View it as if you were seeing it for the first time. If you were thinking about purchasing this property, what would you be seeing?

Is it well kept up with all available space nicely used to its full potential? Is the back yard bare lawn or no lawn at all? Are the trashcans an eyesore or in an enclosed space? Is the patio bare with only a few chairs and a grill to fill the space? How about the front porch. Is it devoid of anything but a Welcome mat?

You get the idea. Look at your space and take notes on what you like or dislike about the looks and feel of your property. Use the list below to consider where you might think about locating your container garden.

Possible Areas for Locating Your Container Garden

  • front and back porches and porch railings
  • decks and patios
  • on stairs
  • any home entrance, front, back or side
  • window boxes
  • swimming pools
  • along walkways
  • roof gardens
  • hanging containers
  • wall pots
  • indoor plants

As you can see, there are many places to consider for container garden locations. If you only have a small apartment on the 5th floor, you may find yourself limited to growing herbs and house plants in containers. Even there, however, if you have a window or two, with permission from the landlord, you may be able to attach some window boxes to bring the smell of soil and nature closer to you.

If you have a small lot, window boxes, wall pots and hanging plants are a good choice. You may also have room for a pot or two beside your front door. With a larger property, the sky’s the limit. Check the list above as you walk around your home and make note of possible locations where you might set up a container garden.

Consider the Path of the Sun When Locating Your Container Gardne

As you are doing your walkthrough, consider the path of the sun. Locations such as a swimming pool or patio with a southern location will require larger pots since they will be drying out faster. Elevated locations that may be exposed to the wind will also need special consideration.

You have more flexibility in shaded areas and areas sheltered by the house and eaves when it comes to choosing suitable pots for your container garden. These areas will require less care and watering than their southern counterparts.

Draw a rough diagram making note of the compass direction of your property and of the sun’s path. Remember that the sun will change with the seaons.

Pleasing the Eye is Important When Locating Your Container Garden

When locating your container garden, think of it as eye candy. You probably know from experience that whenever you see a container planting, your eye is drawn to it immediately.

When thinking about your setting out your containers, consider the reason you are placing it in that particular spot. Do you want to add some drama? If so, a large pot with a dramatic plant is called for.

Are you framing a doorway? Consider a pair of matching planters.

Are you trying to draw the eye away from an eyesore like the trash containers or watering supplies? You may not be totally able to hide them, but you can draw the eye away from them by grouping a few containers just out of the line of sight to draw attention to them instead of the utilitarian items.

Remember, large pots and dramatic plants make a statement. These go well in a formal setting. A collection of smaller containers filled with fun, colorful annuals has a more informal look.

Think about your lifestyle, outdoor furnishings, areas you are planning to decorate with garden containers, and make a plan where everything can work together. Then you can sit, relax, and feed your eyes on eye candy no matter where you are.

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