How To Water Plants Without Making a Mess

xt-decoration-color: initial;”>We have all done it. You go to water your indoor plants and the next thing you know, you are feeling drips on your feet. Shlepping plants to and from the sink to water them and let them drain is a pain and, dare I say, unnecessary. Let me show you how to water plants without making a mess.

xt-decoration-color: initial;”>I have a very nice woman who lives across the street from me, and her thumb couldn’t be any greener. She showers me with plants and berries all spring and summer and all I have to give her in return is cut hydrangeas. These are the only thing I have grown well in my yard. It’s depressing. Luckily they dry well and you can do all sorts of things with them.
xt-decoration-color: initial;”>Anyway, she gave me an orchid which I was reluctant to take for fear that I would kill it. Me and orchids haven’t seen eye to eye in the past. But she assured me that if I stuck 3 ice cubes a week in the soil, it would be fine. And it has been. For months.
xt-decoration-color: initial;”>It hasn’t bloomed yet but it’s leaves are green and it looks happy, just flowerless.
xt-decoration-color: initial;”>But the important part is, it’s alive! I figured if ice cubes were good enough for my orchid, they were good enough for my other plants too. So I started dropping a few ice cubes in my plants once a week instead of bringing them to the sink to water them.
xt-decoration-color: initial;”>It works without making a mess because the ice melts slowly, allowing the dirt to absorb it instead of flooding and draining.
xt-decoration-color: initial;”>It was a total “Why didn’t I think of that” moment for me. And walking around the house with a bowl of ice is much easier than a watering can.

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