How to make a mini greenhouse

I’m a huge advocate of using “garbage” for seed starters. I’ve done toilet paper roll starters, cardboard milk containers and self-watering pop bottle starters. I tried with egg cartons but was not pleased with the results. I decided to try and use the clamshell packaging as mini-greenhouses this year and I’m ecstatic about the results!

When I used the clamshell greenhouse, my seeds germinated in about half the time specified on the package.

How To

  • Poke holes in the bottom of the container for adequate drainage.
  • Fill the clamshells with potting soil
  • Plant seeds as normal
  • Cover with a lid to keep them warm

The starts will need very little water because the lid traps in so much moisture. Make sure to place in a sunny location!

Starts transplanted into self-watering pop bottles.

Because the clamshell’s are so shallow the starts will need to be transplanted sooner than normal. If they start to get leggy they will begin to brush up against the lid. So far I have planted hot peppers, broccoli, lettuce and spinach!

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