How to grow celery from storebought

I have a Quick Tip to throw at you! This one is very similar to a past post I did on how to regrow green onions from the stems you cut off store bought ones. This one is how to regrow celery using the same method.

What you need:

  • Celery from the store
  • Container to put water in
  • Sunny window
So, I cut the end of the celery off about three inches from the bottom and then placed the end in the water.

After sitting in water and the sun for about a week and a half this is the new growth I had.

I noticed that when I cut straight through the stalk, that a bunch of the smaller leaves on the inside were cut off.

The next stalk I got I cut each of the outer stalks {the big ones to eat} off and made sure to leave the small ones with leaves intact, then put it in the water. You can see the one I did this with below, this one grew much faster!

Once they grow up a bit more and it warms up for good outside, I’m going to throw these bad boys out in the garden and see how they do. Now if only I could figure out how to grow an avocado tree from putting the seed in the water!

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