How To Determine The Function Or Purpose For My Small Garden

In order to determine your small garden’s function you need to consider three things:

#1 How you will use your small garden

This will set the stage for your small garden design. You should begin by asking yourself, “What is my vision for this garden?” Do you want to be able to go outside and pick your own vegetables and herbs? Do you want a fragrant rose garden? Or, do you just want a little getaway that you can enjoy by yourself or with family and friends. This is totally up to you; it is completely a personal preference.

#2 How much space you have

Once you know what you want to use your small garden for, you’ll need to look at how much space you actually have to work with. This will determine if all the ideas you have for your garden are possible. At this stage start picturing in your mind where you would place elements that you may want to use. Think about where you would put a chair, table, bench, fountain, containers, etc.

#3 What is your budget

How much do you want to spend? This will determine how large or small your project will be. Costs can add quickly, so keep an eye on how much you are spending. The best thing is to come up with an initial number and try to stick to it.

Plan out everything you want in your garden first, then start getting prices for everything. Once you add it all up you’ll know if it is all possible. If not start eliminating the things you don’t absolutely need in our new garden, until you reach your budget number. Always leave a cushion, maybe a few hundred dollars for unexpected expenses.

Don’t worry if your garden is on the small side, you can still have a wonderful garden filled with everything you need.  Even if you only have a small balcony to work with you can create a marvelous container garden.  And it’s not all-or-nothing.  With careful planning you can also have a place to sit and relax, or entertain in. Depending on the amount of space you have you should be able to accomplish most if not all of your goals for your small garden.

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