How to Control Aphids

Aphids are soft, pear-shaped, and very tiny. They have long antennae. And two short tubes project backward from the tip of their abdomen. Some types of aphids have wings, Aphids may be green, pink, yellowish, black, or powdery gray. Nymphs resemble adults but are smaller and wingless.

Both adults and nymphs suck plant sap, which usually causes distorted leaves, buds, branch tips, and flowers. Severely infested leaves and flowers may drop. As they feed, aphids excrete a sweet, sticky honeydew onto the leaves below. This allows a sooty mold to grow, which, in addition to being ugly to look at, blocks light from leaves. Also, some aphids spread viruses as they feed.

Organic Control :

  • Drench the plants with strong sprays of water from a garden hose to kill aphids. (A hard, driving rainstorm will have the same effect.)
  • Keep your plants as healthy as possible, and spray dormant oil to control overwintering eggs on fruit trees.
  • Control ants that guard aphid colonies in trees from predators by placing sticky bands around the trunks.
  • Spray aphids with insecticidal soap, summer oil (on tolerant plants), and homemade garlic sprays.

killing Aphids

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