Herb Tower Ideas

If you are a flowers lover, then you are going through the same problem that many people have: too many pots of flowers and less space for them. Well, if you are searching the solution for some free space and you are also seeking some new and beautiful ideas to make your garden the most good looking, then you are in the right place.

Here you can learn, stept by step, how to build a herb tower from your flower’s pots, which will look beautiful in your harden and it will also give you some free space.A Terra-Cotta Tower or “tree” of herbs can be helpful because you will have all the herbs in a convenient location. But this vertical gardening is also a functional option for those short on horizontal growing space.

[tps_title]Herb Tower #1[/tps_title] You will require to have the following things:

• 5 planters ( terra-cotta )
• a soilless potting mix
• herbs ( rosemary, sage, parsley, thyme, oregano, basil, and chives )

The secret behind this is utilizing some if the pots in an upside down manner. Start by putting the large planter exactly where you will want your tree to be it’s difficult to move it afterward. Turn a smaller pot upside down and center it in the massive one. The distance amongst the 2 rings of the pots must be 6 inches. Pour soilless mix in this gap. Do the same with an additional couple of planters, this time a bit smaller than the very first two. The space should be 4 inches. The last (fifth), smallest,  pot will go on top. Plant your herbs in the soil.
*In stead of the upside down pots you can use bricks.

Herb Tower Ideas

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