Growing hydrangea cuttings

Cut a 12- to 15-inch piece off a non-blooming branch in July or August. Cut the clipped stem in two or three pieces, making sure that each section has at least two nodes that can be placed into the potting soil. Strip the foliage, except for the top few leaves of each cutting. If the top leaves are large, cut them in half to reduce water loss through foliage.

Then pour rooting compound onto a stripped leaf or into a small container, and dip the bottom end of the cutting into the compound. Push the cutting into a 4-inch container filled with potting soil, burying two leaf nodes under the soil. Then water the cutting, thoroughly drenching the soil. Set the plant out in a shady location, and keep the soil moist. Leave the cutting in the pot for a year or two to establish a fibrous root system. Some of the more vigorous selections will be ready in a year. After that they should be ready to plant!
How to grow Hydrangeas from cuttings

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