Gardener’s Hand Scrub (that WORKS)

Now that it’s gardening season I use this scrub EVERY DAY. One reason is because I refuse to wear gardening gloves. I like to feel the dirt on my hands. There is just something about it. I used to have to walk around with brown-stained hands however, until I found this great DIY sugar scrub on Pinterest. I modified it just a bit ~ it cleans and leaves your hands actually SOFT!

This recipe is as simple as it gets. Sugar, Dawn dish soap with Olay Hand Renewal and Light Olive Oil. If you use an extra virgin olive oil, the darker color will darken your scrub. Another oil such as Almond Oil would work great too! I added the olive oil, but you don’t have to, so it is optional if you choose not to use it. (in my opinion , however, olive oil makes everything better ~ and softer in this case)

Ready for the simple step-by-step guide?

Fill your Mason Jar, or container, about 3/4 full of sugar.

Fill the last 1/4 full of the Dawn Hand Renewal – I chose the blue and pink color. (there is also a purple and white variety)

Let it soak in a minute then mix with a spoon.  Take care to scrape the sides and bottom. (the mixture will settle a bit as you can see from the jar on the left to the jar on the right)

Top your jar off with more sugar, a bit more soap and 2 teaspoons of olive oil. (If your jar is bigger add more oil!)

You can’t really mess this up, seriously.  The consistency should be thick enough that you can scoop some up right out of the jar.

That’s it!

It smells AH. MAZ. ING. Cleans all the dirt out of every crease in your hands. And the combination of the Olay and olive oil leaves your hands feeling so so so soft!

I tied a cotton rope around the jar to make it look extra cute sitting on my sink!

This scrub makes a wonderful gift as well.  Add the Gardener’s Hand Scrub to a fun Terracotta pot along with a hand shovel, flower seeds and a cute visor and give to a gardener friend!  You don’t even have to include gloves.

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