Fun games to play in the garden

Spring it’s the right time for the young and less young alike to retreat in the garden. No wonder that everyone is ready: winter was long and spring made us want to go out. People who have access to gardens or green spaces nearby are really lucky: the garden is the perfect sport center  for a family. The way to keep you in shape starts right at the front door! The whole family can join you. So, enjoy your time outdoors. Here are some encouragement and tips to help you keep fit and have fun.

It’s World Cup year! So why not take a ball to shape your muscles and relax them? Practice ball holding in the air using a knee and then the other or dribble the ball through the garden. Have fun playing soccer with children; mark the space with some rope and start the game: Who will score the first goal?

Kids love to hop and jump. Hopping towers and elastic tables with protective net are excellent for the need to exercise. Energy exhibited by children when it comes to jumping can be amazing sometimes. Jumping is not only good for children; adults can also jump trampoline. Regular exercise significantly improves fitness and vitality.

Thirty minutes of exercise every day are enough to keep you fit and healthy. It has been scientifically proven that moderate sports activity, in accordance with individual needs, ensures the smooth functioning of the cardiovascular system (Cooper Institute Dallas / Texas). Deutsche Institut für Forschung-Bluthochdruck [German Research Institute blood pressure] in Heidelberg has reached similar conclusions: at least 40% of hypertensive patients have severe disease because they are little exposed to physical stress. Exercise excess merely worsens the problem. Requesting body relax activities at a moderate level free the mind and soul.

A quieter garden activity, but fun is the skittles game: First, position nine empty bottles as pins. Then set with the children (or friends) how many rounds each person plays. Use a ball to try and flattened in all bottles. The winner is the one who, after completion of all rounds, demolished most bottles. Tip: If you do not write down the scores and everyone remembers his own score, you train your memory.
Another good game for the whole family garden is badminton. This game requires a fairly large garden or a large area in front of the house. You should buy the set and a rope to tie it between two trees to delimitate sides. Choose teams and you can start: lots of fun for the whole family!
So: go out in the garden and enjoy the outdoor movement. Your body will thank you!

Fun games to play in the garden

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