Forcing Paperwhites Bulbs in Water

Are you in need for a new, fancy decoration for your home or garden? Do you prefer Paperwhites? Would you prefer the costs to be cheap? What about for free? You can always chose the second alternative and make things by yourself, without spending a penny. Here you can learn how to force Paperwhites bulbs in water and have a great decoration for your living room! 

You will need :

  • Paperwhites bulbs.
  • a glass jar
  • white pebbles
  • water

In a glass jar, make a bed of pebbles or glass beads. Orient each bulb with its flat side down and position it atop the pebbles bed. After each bulb has been seated, fill the spaces between the bulbs with more pebbles. Fill the container with water to slightly below the base of the bulbs.

Forcing Paperwhites Bulbs in Water

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