Flowers for Container Gardens – A Listing of the Most Popular Plants for Planting in Window Boxes and Hanging Baskets

Flowers for container gardens are easy to grow and readily available Below is a listing of the most popular flowers and vines that have stood the test of time. I haven’t gone into great detail as this list is only meant as a quick reference and all plant details can be found on the plant label or seed packet at time of purchase.

Growing habit: mounded plant
Height: 6-12″
Blooming Season: spring/Summer
Color: white, shades of blue and purple
Comments: compact, flowers profusely, very uniform
Uses: hanging basket, window boxes. Blue shades combine well with marigolds or pink petunias

Growing habit:: low trailing mat
Height: 3-8″
Blooming Season: spring/summer/fall
Color: white, purple, rose
Comments: fast growing, profuse bloomer,will spread 10-15″
Uses: low growing, good ground cover for tubs planted with tall growing plants

Bachelor Buttons:
Growing habit: tall, erect, bushy
Height:: 10-36″
Blooming Season: spring/summer
Color: blue, red, pink, white
Comments: good blue color, heat resistant, neat grower, long bloom period
Uses: dwarf sizes good for pots and window boxes


Begonia, fibrous:
Growing habit: erect, bushy
Height: 6-14″
Blooming Season: summer/fall
Color: red, rose, pink, white
Comments: green foliage will turn bronze in full sun. Bring indoors for winter bloom
Uses: pots, window boxes


Growing habit: spreading
Height: 8-10″
Blooming Season: summer/fall
Color: white and shades of blue
Comments: blooms profusely, neat and compact habit, brilliant blue color is striking
Uses: hanging baskets, window boxes



Growing habit: compact, spreading
Height: 6-24″
Blooming Season: spring/summer
Color: yellow, orange, white
Comments: Best in cool temperatures, blooms in winter in mild areas, will take sharp frost
Uses: plant for late color in pots and window boxes


Growing habit: mounds
Height: 6-15″
Blooming Season: spring/summer Color: pinks, purples, reds and white
Comments: best in cool summer areas
Uses: pots, window boxes, planters


Growing habit: erect
Height: 6-36″
Blooming Season: summer/fall
Color: yellows, pinks, purples, reds
Comments: dwarf varieties best for containers. Many bright colors available
Uses: pots, window boxes

Growing habit: erect
Height: 12-30″
Blooming Season: all seasons
Color: wide variety of foliage color combos in red, pink, green, yellow
Comments: Many different leaf forms. Grown for leaf color. Can be brought indoors as a houseplant in winter.
Uses: window boxes, planters, hanging baskets


Growing habit: erect, bushy
Height: 3-15″
Blooming Season: spring/summer/fall
Color: white, shades of pink and red, violet
Comments: Lacy blue-green foliage. Fragrant flowers. Long blooming
Uses: Dwarf varieties are best used in pots, hanging baskets, window boxes


Growing habit: erect
Height: 8″
Blooming Season: summer/fall
Color: ranges from cream, yellow and bronze. Some red and pink
Comments: Thrives in hot, dry areas. Blooms until frost
Uses: Colorful daisy-like plants great for colorful display in large pots

Growing habit: erect
Height: 18-24″
Blooming Season: summer/fall
Color: white, wide range of pinks and reds, salmon
Comments: A top favorite for container gardening
Uses: Window boxes, planters, may be brought in for houseplants


Helichrysum (Licorice Vine):
Growing habit: trailing
Height: trailers up to 36″long
Blooming Season: summer/fall
Color: silvery gray
Comments: This plant is grown for its soft, silvery-gray leaves and it’s trailing habit.
Uses: Window boxes, planters


Growing habit: mounds
Height: 10-20″
Blooming Season: summer/fall
Color: shades of red, pink, salmon
Comments: Blooms profusely, grows well in shade
Uses: Use in pots, tubs, hanging baskets, may be raised as houseplants


Growing habit: trailing or erect
Height: 5-18″
Blooming Season: summer/fall
Color: lavender,blue, pink, white
Comments: blooms profusely, shearing after first blooming may provide a second bloom
Uses: hanging baskets, window boxes


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