Fitting tricks for small gardens

A garden in a small area is not a compromised garden because there are always solutions and tricks for small gardens. These strategies depend on the size of the small garden, natural light and soil’s quality. There are solutions to these problems.

If the garden you have available is very small, the best solution is to completely cover a paving system. May be stone, wood or tiles. Green Zone has to be arranged in pots, window boxes. Don’t omit the benefits brought by pots on stilts. An area of ​​relaxation should have any garden, even if in small gardens category, it must be simplified to the maximum, but even so it can become a dining outdoors. The solution should have in view, no matter how small the garden is the quality of its multifunction.
Another trick fitting for small gardens is to use pots and window boxes planted in oversized and ornamental shrubs, flowers and even small trees. To create the illusion of a garden, combines several types of plants in one planter. Don’t forget about the advantages of suspended pots and use them to add green garden fences and walls that surround the garden.

Use hedge. You can isolate that perimeter of your house with hedge. Choose plants adapted to the environment and possibly of the type that produce flowers. It is a great trick for small gardens. Gray is an excellent hedge of greenery and space and can be used for building a sheltered outside.

If you belong among those who have small gardens without natural light, compact and practical solution is the furniture. To create the illusion of space, choose transparent furniture, which will be easily lost in the landscape, without cluttering it. Do not completely remove the plants, but choose varieties that are compatible with the garden (little light, for example).

A great trick for setting up small gardens is making a center of attraction. It may be a small fountain or outdoor fireplace for exotic plants. The main idea is to be visible and properly highlighted.

Vertical garden is always a solution for small gardens excellent to be exploited. Just hang pots and window boxes with flowers on the fence that surrounds your property. Grass must be consistent with the space you have, and the proportions and balance must be kept rigorously because will ruin the general assembly that you want as a decoration for your small garden.

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