DIY Milk Carton Planter

This easy and effective planter is the perfect upcycle to spruce up your space. Simply cut an empty milk carton and wrap it in rough linen. Watch how easily this planter comes together.

How To :

  • To make your milk carton planter first cut the top third off of your half gallon or 2 litre milk carton.
  • Next tear some rough linen fabric into inch wide strips. Home Depot has some great drop cloth linen for this.
  • Working with a hot glue gun, glue the linen strips around the carton working from the top down.
  • Then place your plant inside your planter. Some starter plants growing in tin cans would be perfect for this project.
  • Finally level the top of your planter off with moss. If you need your plant to sit higher in the planter for this, just fill the bottom of the milk carton planter with crumpled wax paper.


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