DIY Green House

DIY Green House

I honestly wasn’t sure how I wanted to transition this garden bed into a 4 season garden.

After unfolding 25 feet of plastic sheeting on one of the last warm days I expect to see for a while. This is what I came up with. It’s a quick solution that is proving extremely effective so far.

What you’ll need:

  • 10 x 25’ Plastic sheeting
  • 24 medium binder clips
  • 4 large binder clips
  • Staple gun & staples
  • Winter watering system of choice

The steps:

  1. Remove the pre-existing fencing.
  2. Clean the bed, incorporate compost, and install a new watering system (if using).
  3. Unfold the plastic and stretch from the first crossbar, leaving 1 foot overhanging in the front. Stretch all the way across to the last crossbar and drape along the backside.
  4. Cut the plastic along the bottom of the backside, ensuring you leave enough material to secure at the bottom.
  5. Adjust the plastic along each long side, causing the bottom of the plastic to just meet the lip of the garden bed.
  6. Using large clips, temporarily secure plastic at the front in place by clipping around the PVC and plastic.
  7. Beginning with the middle section, secure the plastic to the lip of the garden bed with staples. Continue this to the last section, leaving the front two sections unsecured, and repeat on the opposite side in the same sections.
  8. On the back, cut a slit in the center from the bottom and up to 2 foot from the top.
  9. Push one section of this backside plastic inside. Stretch, fold, and secure to the inside of the bed using the staple gun ensuring you are creating a relatively smooth finish.
  10. Push the last section of the backside plastic inside. Fold and secure to the bed to cover all gaps and create a relatively smooth wall along the back.
  11. In the front, fold the excess in half and tuck over the PVC so the piping is exposed from the interior.
  12. Cut a sheet of plastic the size of the front allowing 8” of excess at the top and bottom and 1 foot on each side. Cut up the center.
  13. Beginning with one side, secure the top allowing the plastic to cross the center by about 6”. Secure the top side seams by folding the ends into one another from the interior and securing with binder clips. I used about 10 medium from the top down the side and 2 large on the bottom side.
  14. Repeat with the opposite side, again allowing the edge to overhang across the center of the front and at the bottom.
  15. Secure the bottom of the front flaps with a wooden beam.

I’m writing this during 47 mph wind gusts. Structurally, the frame is intact and the plastic appears to be holding strong as well. I worked to create strong folds that included all surrounding pieces. I this is contributing to the strength. The plastic also appears strong and is having no difficulty against the wind.

Now to plant our winter garden!

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