Design ideas for a beautiful garden on a sloped lot

A sloping terrain is often forgotten and neglected in the absence of effective planning ideas. Even if you can build on it, space around the house has the potential to become a real gem if you landscape your attention and patience. Neglected land turns into a place full of life that inspire optimism and good mood with just a few simple ideas and easy to put into practice.

Below, we have some suggestions for setting up a sloping gardens that give life to such a place.
First, build a stone wall to give an interesting accent to the spot. Besides this, spaces between the stones can take the role of small pots in which to grow flowers. The picture is suddenly full of life, colors and shapes, refreshing atmosphere around the house.

Stones again, this time basalt, use them and it will create a beautiful contrasts of green space in the garden, besides fixing sloping ground.

A sloping terrain is ideal space to implement a landscape stratification, rows of plants and accessories to impart vitality to this place. A molded sofa on a concrete wall, stairs and green layers you creates a wonderful garden landscape and the slopping lot almost disappears from the image.

Visual stratification is complex and takes us through bushes and flowers along the staircase of stone steps of the boards through a wooden gate, a stone wall which, together with the degree of beams, print a rustic landscape, to the edge of a pool that balance by blue or translucent color.

If you are ambitious and want something different, then build a mini-waterfall garden that is perfectly suited to a sloping terrain. Place gets suddenly a touch of originality, even if the project involves some work and investment.

A simple idea is to appease a slope with stairs or using old brick or using wooden pallets for a more classic and rustic place which to place different flower pots. The landscape gets such a rush of colors that slope out from the crowd and gives extra vitality.


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