How to create an orchard in a small garden

Dubbed urban and fruit trees, fruit trees are columnar hybrid species whose crown develops vertically, ideal for small spaces of the city, be it balconies, terraces or gardens with small area.
Besides the practical role that they have these fruit trees have an aesthetic value, bringing a touch of vitality and energy in the areas listed above.

They are also a good option for different alignments in courtyards or more spacious gardens onboard. We learn in the following details about different types of columnar trees.
If you want to grow an apple in a balcony, then one option is columnar apple Bolero. The tree grows to a height that doesn’t exceed 250 cm and a width beyond 30 cm and is therefore ideal for any corner of your house. Produces medium fruit, green and red in color, with a sweet taste and juicy pulp. Are planted in the month from March to April, harvest time is early September. Other species are polka columnar apple, Samba, Ballerina and Smaragd.

If you prefer apricots, then choose a columnar Golden Sun apricot, self –pollen specie. Produce apricot sweet as honey with intense flavor and firm flesh. On spring is decorated with hundreds of flowers, bringing a splash of color on balconies and terraces. Fruits can be collected in mid-July. This variety is ideal for eating fresh or as jams and other desserts. It grows to a height of 2-2.5 meters.

You can opt for cherry species such as Queen Mary and Victoria. With a height of up to 3 meters, these species produce fragrant and savory fruit that can be harvested in late July. Planting period is between February and November.
Plum are also on the list of columnar fruit trees in species such as berry or Imperial. Height up to 2.5 meters and width of 60 cm, plums are a perfect option to diversify small orchard of limited space that you have available.
Cultivated on large areas, columnar  fruit trees generate substantial savings compared to conventional orchards, because it requires fewer cuts and involves reduced resources on harvesting. In some cases, a mature fruit tree in optimal conditions can produce even 10 kg of fruit.


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